Hi, i’ve watched the video about short selling in binance’s support section and i have a question: is it possible to repay the debt created by the short selling without actually buying again on binance? Like trasferring it from a different wallet? I’ll show an example to clarify what i mean:
I Short sell 1BTC on binance, i then trasfer 1BTC from a wallet to my binance wallet and i give that 1BTC back. Is it possible? Or the only way i can repay my debt is buying the 1BTC on binance?

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  1. TheHamner on 9. February 2024 at 13:32

    Doesn’t make any sense as to why you would need to do that. Unless you’re asking about getting magin called.

    Sounds like you’re just getting started. Keep researching you’ll understand.


  2. Crypto4Canadians on 9. February 2024 at 13:32

    Correct, you don’t have to buy it back from Binance. You can deposit the coins into your wallet to repay that debt. Binance doesn’t care how you get the coins as long as you pay back your debt.


  3. theultimateusername on 9. February 2024 at 13:32

    It depends what currency you borrowed. If you borrowed 1BTC and then sold it, you have to pay back in BTC, so yes you can transfer 1btc to your wallet to cover your debt (plus any fees or interest).

    If you’re using Binance Futures, USD-M are usually settled via busd/usdt so you have to pay that back in usd. COIN-M I believe is settled via BTC etc so you should be able to pay that off with ur bitcoin (don’t quote me on this, I assume this is how it works but haven’t used it)