So at the start of Dec I wanted to buy some crypto on Binance. I was prompted that I need to verify to deposit Fiat which is fine. I tried 4 times, and it just kept failing. I then via live chat got help from level 1 support, who sent me a separate URL to go to reset my previous verification status from 2021. I then tried again to verify both ID and Address and it worked. Bought some coins.

Today I log in roughly 20 days later and surprise. I am being asked to complete the ID verification process, and unless I do it, I can’t deposit Fiat currency. I used the chat function to get support and got handed over from first, second to third (escalation) support, neither being useful at all….

First level support sent me a 2 links, a 2021 link, and then another link dated 2022-03-07 for “Binance Launches Payments Technology Company, Bifinity”.

Both second and escalation didn’t mention Bifinity and the links above, and just kept saying that **they can’t disclose** why I need to re-verify. I am happy to re-verify if they can provide me with a link to formal comms around policy/regulatory changes that happened in the last month but all they keep saying is “**we can’t disclose the information you are requesting**”.

What formal Binance event has happened in the last month requiring re-verification on Binance that multiple levels of support cannot seem explain?

Am I the only one experiencing this? This has me stumped and scratching my head. I already had trouble with their verification process early Dec. I have even less faith in it now.

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  1. Far_Management5784 on 12. May 2024 at 3:28

    Doesn’t this seem sketchy when you have to do this twice in a month, and the nonsense they come up with regarding that they can’t give any reason to why this is happening or it’s and auto thingy,

    One wonders if this is the time that your coins are moved out before it’s too late?

    When something so huge that everyone needs to reverify their identity then there should be an article regarding such and the reasons laid out in order to prevent bad thoughts, binance should know better to say the least!


  2. Elrondarius on 12. May 2024 at 3:28

    This is why i just leave Binance for good after more then 2years verificated user with no probelms.


  3. robeewankenobee on 12. May 2024 at 3:28

    Not sure , but if you don’t re-verify you can’t use the account. That makes it pretty clear.


  4. BinanceCSHelp on 12. May 2024 at 3:28

    Could you provide us with the Case ID of your chat?
    We will check the data and tell you what possibilities there are to solve your request ^KT


  5. zimetrix on 12. May 2024 at 3:28

    Leave binance and use kraken or