All eyes on KCS right now. $8 here we go.

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  1. redditam on 23. December 2023 at 8:22

    KuCoin has weathered the last year very well, and KCS will go up a lot if people leaving Binance pick KuCoin instead.


  2. Casaltaln on 23. December 2023 at 8:22

    What a move! I wish I had gotten in quite early, as I did for dua when it was at 0.026 and kcs at 4 bucks there about. All good. Profit is profit, and I still have the intention to hold it for the long term, which I believe will be profitable.


  3. Fragrant_Delay_1972 on 23. December 2023 at 8:22

    now that there is upgraded KCS bonus, I think there will be more ppl to bag this unique token