I bet that you guys are familiar with applications like Tinder, What’s app , and Bumble right? I think most of the Millennials and Generation Z are familiar with it.

Now the question is, did you guys get incentive by doing that? by chatting with people and spending your time talking with them? Well, I understand that you have your explanations and I respect that. However if you guys are looking for an application that pays your every chat and every single thought you share with other then you must check on this new platform called THOUGHTZ AI.

I just came across with this project on Twitter and I can’t help myself to share it because I am convinced that this can help everyone who are spending time on sharing their views and thoughts on social media.

Lastly, how it works? You’ll be rewarded with $THZ -their community token as based on your contribution in the community and there is a lot of ways to earn it too. This token will also not be put to waste as this can be used to avail other stuff such as; brand discounts and even advertisement.

What I can tell you is to just check their website – thoughtz. (ai) Let me know what you think of this project on the comment section below.


\#Thoughtz #ThinkToEarn

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