As of a few days (about a week), my funds have been stuck and there is no one helping me swapping my tokens to ERC-20 so that I can use my funds on exchanges. I desperately need to access them since this is a matter of financial business. Unfortunately when I brought this up on Telegram I got kicked out of the group and can no longer join… That is a bad look for ArcBlock, not being able to handle a single person with some minor problems. As of now to me, ArcBlock looks like one hell of a scam, not updating, not helping, and above all holding our funds with no possibility to use them. Really childish to ban someone asking for help. Honestly think they are now holding our funds and planning an exit strategy saying “funds are safu!”.

Extra information: the token swap function from their mainnet to ERC-20 has been functioning perfectly from the start and they are now telling us that they are updating and improving functions, which to me looks like bullshit as it already was working just fine. How long would a few minor updates take, sure as hell not a full month?

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