As far as I understood it was on the Omni chain which only has a market cap of $1 220 843 USD .

Also the Omni website is quite shocking if it is supposed to be the same company that Tether is built on?


no HTTPS??…strange looking site, hides the http:// when going to the site it only starts with www.

Then the ‘meet the team’ blurry photos?

Is Tether built on another Omni?? For a company worth over 2Billion I sure hope so?

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  1. HeisenbergBTC on 10. March 2019 at 20:24

    **Tether Blockchain Background**
    First, a primer on how Tether’s blockchain works: Tether is a token issued on the Omni Layer (“Mastercoin” to old-school blockchain enthusiasts), a platform that enables the creation of new assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.

    Every Omni transaction (and thus Tether transaction) is recorded in a Bitcoin transaction sharing the same transaction hash. For example, this BTC [transaction]( is actually the sending of 50,000 USDT .

    To date, Tether has [“issued” 2.22 billion USDT tokens]( on the Omni network. (Separately, Tether has also “authorized” 60M USDT [ERC20 tokens]( on the Ethereum network.)

    While other coins do run on Omni, Tether is the largest tenant by far, with over [75% of Omni’s transactions ever]( and [over 95% of its transactions]( in January. At this point, Omni is effectively a Tether blockchain.

    See link for the rest of the story [](


  2. grtrjyutrt on 10. March 2019 at 20:24

    It is on the Bitfinex blockchain