I moved to UAE more than a year ago, my family is there and my kids attend school. My source of income – is the EU and US.
A few weeks ago I ordered Binance Card (it become available in UAE), and answered to few KYC-like questions, a few days ago I asked support regarding my Binance Card status and they told me that some update should be on 9 Jan.
Today (9 Jan) my account has been frozen with the same message – Assurance Review Failed. Based on our Terms of Use and Internal Policy, these features are not available for your account.

I believe in some bug in Binance’s KYC process and interactions during Binance Card order because card’s service provided not by Binance, but via some third-party company. Looks like I failed checks for Binance Card because I’m Russian citizen, and Binance decided to freeze my account, despite I’m UAE resident.

Looks like Binance believes that I’m living in Russia, but I’m living in UAE as resident since January 2021.

My Binance user ID is 19772886

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  1. BinanceCSHelp on 6. February 2024 at 13:03

    Hi there, thank you for reaching out to us on Reddit. As per our checks with your last chat with our team, we have already shared all the information we can give you. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact with us on live chat. You can also find details in our Terms of Use [binance.com/en/terms](https://binance.com/en/terms) Thank you for your kind understanding. ^KO


  2. RTBBingoFuel on 6. February 2024 at 13:03

    did you submit UAE proof of address? what region is your finance account? when BCard wasn’t available in UAE, I submitted IE/EU PoA to get it.

    what I did was re-verify my account to the next tier with Irish PoA.