After complaining to Binance support about a restriction on trading (no orders allowed if more than 30% over or under current price) I got this email:
CS Aaron (Binance)
May 10, 00:17 CST
Dear customer,
We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.
Therefore we want to give you a random present of our goodwill.
Please, provide the receiver name, contact information and shipping address.
Thanks for your cooperation and looking forward to your reply.
Best regards,
The Binance Support Team

What the heck???

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  1. Jager_Binance on 1. July 2019 at 22:53

    /u/himatasi – This is not an attempted phishing attempt. Occasionally our customer service will send out merchandise to our users.

    I appreciate your vigilance, but this is a legitimate request. If you do not want merchandise, you are more than welcome to turn it down.


  2. brianddk on 1. July 2019 at 22:53

    As a reminder… binance emails are sent with `DKIM-` and `ARC-` headers that most email clients should be able to use to validate the emails. These emails are mailed-by `` and signed-by ``

    Ensure your mail client speaks TLS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, or a combination thereof.


  3. AlexDFN on 1. July 2019 at 22:53

    Looks like hackers got into an email database of Binance as well


  4. Woodsuck on 1. July 2019 at 22:53

    All that complain is given a present?