hello , I am a victim as well , I am Verified user , and using from past 3-yr and I never violated any of their terms !!
Wtf is happening to legit Binance users are being blocked!!!

“When I tried chat with support they are just telling me to withdraw funds that’s it , not able to provide service in future .
And they repeat this again again instead of giving the reason or solution.”

[Binance] Account Deactivation Notice
Thank you for your support of Binance.
This is to inform you that your account has been flagged by a third-party compliance tool and we have taken a tough decision to terminate the service.
You may fully withdraw your funds, and we ask that you do it before 2022-12-21 00:00:00(UTC).
Afterward, your Binance account will be permanently deactivated.
If you have any issues with the withdrawal function, please notify the Binance Customer Support team as soon as possible.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Your understanding is highly appreciated.
Binance Team

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  1. [deleted] on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    No crypto exchange including Binance should be able to steal money from their own customers without providing a reason!

    No bank in the world can close your account and keep your money without giving you a reason but an unregulated crypto exchange with no office in the world can.

    Binance should be rewarding their loyal customers instead of blocking their accounts.

    Once the SEC is finished with XRP, the next cookie to crumble will be BNB token


  2. anovanmaximuz on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    Me too bro, [Binance] Account Deactivation Notice, Binance Do This For Loyal User Without clear explanation and evidence


  3. Shadow_hunter_4 on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    I think there’s bug in their system . How can you violate their terms, if you dint even use it for 2 yrs .


  4. anovanmaximuz on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    Me too, So I create this thread [https://www.reddit.com/r/binance/comments/zy6m68/binance_account_deactivation_notice_binance_do/](https://www.reddit.com/r/binance/comments/zy6m68/binance_account_deactivation_notice_binance_do/)


  5. After-Bullfrog-7789 on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    I got the same email yesterday and haven’t used the account in over 2 years. Are you from the US?


  6. Ok-KAI-1016 on 25. May 2024 at 4:09



  7. jsamciotbh14 on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    I’m from the US and it seems they are preventing me from withdrawing assets. Keep giving me the ten day wait period message but it’s been more than ten days. Will wait another week and see what happens


  8. SCAMMERASSASIN007 on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    There is something going on. Osc just put a report out on pancakeswap finance as well not sure why? but bnb seems to be mentioned alot tho.


  9. xNeroDMCry on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    Hi u/Shadow_hunter_4, same issue with me.


    For now, no one of us has an answer yet.


  10. Financial_Audience43 on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    The ship is sinking. Anyone that can still get their funds out of this “exchange” better do so and pronto


  11. Desperate-Deal on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    thanks for the reminder


  12. Linzirui on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    The best way should be to try how to transfer your assets


  13. anovanmaximuz on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    We realize, what guarantee is there that F*X tragedy won’t happen on B*nance too? Do you believe in claims like this has happened before?


  14. zimetrix on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    If you had NFT on the bep20 chain they probably stole those aswell as selling all your crypto for the lowest market price (stealing). But dont worry, karma will eventually get them sooner or later.


  15. xNeroDMCry on 25. May 2024 at 4:09

    Any news on this u/Shadow_hunter_4?