I have an Android app that lets the user play mini-games, accumulate points and then trade these points for crypto. I have been using Binance API to send funds from my account to a user-specified address.

Last month, I started getting a weird behaviour. From time to time, my account got frozen and I could not withdraw any amount of crypto. After checking, my last transfer was rejected and I had a warning saying my account was being reviewed.

I decided to contact the support and they confirmed what I suspected – that address was associated with fraudulent activities. My account got unfrozen, and I worked on a solution where I could create a blacklist of addresses on my server, and refuse to make the transfer if the address was on that blacklist.

Throughout the month, I got my account frozen 5 or 6 more times, and I added the rejected address to that blacklist. Each time my account got frozen, I had to wait a couple of hours, and then my account would be unfrozen and everything would go back to normal.

The thing is, Binance does not have an endpoint to check address integrity. Right now, I have to proceed with the transfer and get my account frozen, so I can identify the fraudulent address and add it to my blacklist.

Today, my account got frozen for the same exact reason, but this time the warning message was different. There is no “24-hour review” or anything. I have contacted support, and they say that this review can take up to a month. As you can guess, if my account doesn’t work, my app doesn’t work either.

I have made a suggestion one month ago, so Binance can create an endpoint to the API, where we could check the address integrity before proceeding with the transfer, but I got no response until now.

I am creating this post with the goal of maybe getting the attention of the Binance support team, and maybe give a heads-up to the DEV team. As far as I can see, the API changelog is updated on a weekly basis, and I am confident this is something they can work on.

Also, if someone has any suggestions to surpass this issue, feel free to say! Thanks for reading.

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  1. ReachZestyclose33 on 29. February 2024 at 19:08

    Alternative method is to have a extra fund in a defi wallet that will be doing the transfers to customers

    While your binance account replenishes the wallet frequently

    Off course
    Binance has to unlock you account first


  2. BinanceCSHelp on 29. February 2024 at 19:08

    Hello, thank you for bringing this to us.

    We would like to interfere with the case therefore we kindly ask you to provide us your Case ID so we can check precisely. ^CP