I’m using the Binance card for cashback since a couple of month now. Unfortunately, I made some unpleasent experiences lately. On vacation a hotel asked for a security deposit of approx. 100 EUR, which I used the card for. So as soon as you check out the hotel will release the amount from your card and you will not be billed. However, on my card history I see that the deposit after staying a longer time in status Paid eventually changed to Completed, so the amount was in fact debited from my balance.

If this just happend once I’d treat it as a weird coincidence, but same procedure lately with the security deposit of a rental car. Only this time it’s 500 EUR that didn’t get released to my balance again. I can rule out that the merchants are the ones that screwed up, since this is a standard procedure and in all their ratings no one else complained about a simliar issue.

In both cases I reached out to Binance support, but they seemed not aware of issues of that type and couldn’t help.

So I’m asking if I’m the only one that experienced such issues and if not, why doesn’t Binance put a big disclaimer on the cards to raise attention to the fact that the card should not be used for security deposits ever?

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  1. rwpxam on 9. July 2023 at 14:13

    Same happened to me on a car rental deposit last year.

    Got it back eventually after some back and forth with the binance chat and providing the transaction documents + a statement from my rental company.


  2. xyadixs on 9. July 2023 at 14:13

    Card is not made for pre auth transactions

    Please read the guide on the card thx


  3. Past_Scarcity6752 on 9. July 2023 at 14:13

    At least in the US you can’t use a debit card for deposits.


  4. michel_cryptadamus on 9. July 2023 at 14:13

    is this a problem you noticed recently or one you’ve had before?