The average market price of Binance Coin set an annual maximum of $ 10.8, for the past day it has grown by 4.28% on Wednesday, February 22.


At the same time, Bitcoin rate has not changed at all, it rose by 0.25%, to $ 3,979. Ethereum over the past 24 hours went up by 0.72%, to $ 147.5, and the price of the XRP token fell by 1% to $ 0.32.


The cost of the BNB token has been growing over the past three months since the end of November last year, the coin has risen in price by 125% from $ 4.8 to $ 10.8.


Earlier, BitTorrent’s crowdsale tokens took place at the Binance Launchpad site, because of a strong rush of technical problems, and most investors did not have time to participate in the sale, even though it ended in a few minutes.

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  1. mgladden2 on 5. March 2019 at 20:19

    Q4 I bet they had high cash withdrawals and low trading rev because you can’t short so there was no way to make money on falling prices. Bnb discount is almost phased out for most of the users who joined when the exchange first became popular. I bet they saw the writing on the wall and orchestrated a massive pump to get deposits and trading up. Can’t short so it’ll hold until one day panic selling hits when overall market takes another slide.


  2. DaveRandomDave on 5. March 2019 at 20:19

    and its still useless