NPXS – 0.00000005

DENT – 0.00000007

BTT – 0.00000009

HOT – 0.00000011

MFT – 0.00000017

NCASH – 0.00000017

+ Another 12 coins between

0.00000017 – 0.00000050

+ another 26 coins betwen

0.00000050 – 0.00000150

Seriously, why the fuck are there so many shit coins on Binance?

BTT for example. What a complete shit coin.

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  1. Follow_youre_heart on 10. October 2019 at 0:44

    So quick to dismiss these all as trash! These companies all have to start somewhere. Also, many of the coins you posted have several billion coins issued, which is why they trade at such low multiples.

    Just about every company started out with a really cheap coin / stock. There’s no telling if any or all of these companies will succeed in the future.

    I’m a BTT holder and actually really like the project. I don’t have much invested, and if it went to 0, I would not be devastated. On the other hand, if it proves to be popular and useful, I stand to make a great return.

    If the coins you listed aren’t appealing to you, don’t buy them! Simple as that.


  2. Tilt-a-lot on 10. October 2019 at 0:44

    Low sat shitcoins doesn’t mean that they’re close to being *worthless*, their supply is just extremely high.

    For example, HOT is 11 sats but it’s around the top 30 in Market Cap, same with BTT.

    NCASH dropped from like 200+ sats to 17, that’s a **real** shitcoin.


  3. Biyamin on 10. October 2019 at 0:44

    Lol these r the coins I use to buy when I was new to cryptocurrency but now I do think they are shitcoin and not many coins will survive soon cuz people r getting smarter.
    Binance does list shitcoin cuz they make money out of them.