On January 17, cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it had completed its 22nd quarterly BNB burn, with a marked increase in burn value.

Specifically, in the fourth quarter of 2022, Binance burned 2,064,494 BNB from a calculation mechanism called BNB Auto Burn. In USD value, this amount is up to more than 617 million USD, a marked increase compared to the previous 3 months but still far from the record of more than 900 million USD of the 18th coin burn a year ago.

I bought BNB at 400-450$ :(( should I add DCA now? Currently I am also quite confused between cutting BNB to buy RBIF because I quite like this project


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  1. NebuKhan on 4. December 2023 at 20:55

    Many FUDs BNB Binance so much but all they’ve proven for me the last 5 years is… I shouldn’t have sold, I shouldn’t have sold, I shouldn’t have sold. So now I’m back to Re-accumulating. I mean it’s so right sometimes, ignore and watch what they are building. Yes they have regulatory issues and etc but man a solid performer for me and I’m sure others. Honestly it’s performed better than BTC for me in the near market. Just my opinion of course.