Hey all,

I woke up this morning and saw I was randomly added to two groups both named “Binance Netherlands C303”. There are not that many users (was around 130 people and shrinking) in it and it’s owner has a +263 country code, clearly not Dutch. I got out of it right away. Anyone else got this random scam?

Now i got one again: Nederlandse Binance C45. This time with a whole explanation of what the group is for in Dutch.

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  1. michel_cryptadamus on 3. August 2023 at 14:54

    this has been inevitably been happening [more and more](https://twitter.com/Cryptadamist/status/1619233984415924224) to binance customers. scammers move in offering “help” as soon as they see customers of a given exchange having problems withdrawing funds. the more people that have problems the more the scammers move in.


  2. aurotones on 3. August 2023 at 14:54

    Not the same scam i got but recently my name, phone number and email address leaked to scammers and sent me to my phone and email to verify my account again, only to see a completely off website link and also no anti phishing code. Even if it had the anti phishing code I wouldn’t put my authentication if it’s not binance.com


  3. kit124 on 3. August 2023 at 14:54

    Same. Wonder how come these scammer have mobiles numbers of Binance users. The amount of scam happening around Binance is incredible.