Good afternoon, dear forum members, I encountered a problem with withdrawal from my Binance account on 23 December – the withdrawal function was disabled, I have 6k dollars in my account.

I immediately contacted technical support through the application and 10 hours later received the answer that there is a controversial transaction amounting to $ 50, I immediately agreed with the support, provided all the documents and recorded a video, where I confirmed his permission to return the sender $ 50, and then support has accepted my video and wrote that after 1-3 days will return the funds to the sender and unlock me the withdrawal. Case 98585951.

Yesterday 50$ was deducted from my account and I was hoping that I will finally be able to withdraw my funds but the withdrawal function was still not unblocked for me, I wrote to support again, waited for reply more than 8 hours yesterday and only 8 hours later I got bot reply that Binance will check my account within 14 calendar days. I waited for help from a real employee after 6 hours the bot wrote me the same text, no real help from staff.

Because of this situation I cannot send money to Europe to my wife and children who fled from the war in Ukraine to Europe and I cannot send them money as I kept all my savings in Binance.

I really ask for support to help me soon and keep my promise, as all requirements of Binance have been fulfilled and 3 days have already passed

I really don’t want to spoil the New Year for my children and so I ask for your help in solving the problem as soon as possible

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  1. summonsterism on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    14 days it is then. Why would you keep all your cash in one place that has the ability to stop withdrawls?

    Good luck


  2. Financial_Audience43 on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    Isn’t un-banking yourself the most wonderful thing


  3. [deleted] on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    Binance should be rewarding there customers not scamming them/ stopping them from withdrawing their funds, especially without giving a reason.

    If Binance continues, soon they will have no customers left to scam.

    Binance claim they are the biggest exchange and with that in mind most people will automatically trust them so I don’t blame OP for having all his savings there.

    I wonder if your issue is in relation to be Ukrainian or Russian or a Ukrainian sending money to Russia.

    I hope you get your money back plus some type of compensation from them for ruining your family’s new year.


  4. Alternative_Slide978 on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    Oh well . And ofcos there is a sob story to go with it ( family in Ukraine ) oh dear oh dear . No simpathy


  5. NoRecommendation9108 on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    When you made the decision to keep ALL your fund on Binance, you should have also factor in the possibility of not having access to ALL of your fund


  6. xyadixs on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    Since you had to pay back the 50usd you did some shady stuff tried to scam someone or fucked up a p2p order stop scamming ppl and this wont happen


  7. DramaBig7472 on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    Binance is an exchange it’s not savings platform or wallet. If it would be hacked your funds would be gone, if they would bankrupt the funds would be gone. I don’t like binance but it’s completly your fault to put your family in that position. As a man you should step up and admit your mistake and not come here crying like a baby.


  8. 0verdosingOnCopium on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    Your money is gone mate, and your account is being blocked. All hope is lost.


  9. SweetRoller34 on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    You were not the sender of that $50? Then maybe it was some random hacker who wanted to make it harder for investigators to find him so he send some small money to random binance customer address


  10. SecretaryImaginary44 on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    This is bullish


  11. SY_Gyv on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    I’m from Lithuania maybe I can help you somehow


  12. Eastern-Breadfruit72 on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    Shit post


  13. [deleted] on 17. May 2024 at 3:46



  14. Due-Problem1745 on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    I don’t live in a war torn country and I keep 2 wallets with my crypto as well as 3 exchange accounts. I would download a software wallet and buy a hardware wallet right away. Order now while you have 2 weeks to wait.


  15. Master-Monitor112 on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    I’m sorry to hear this but you shouldn’t keep all your life savings in one bank let alone a crypto exchange. Even banks can freeze your money. I hope you get your money out soon.


  16. Crypto_Creepa on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    Serious question – with all the news going around recently about centralized exchange failures and nearly every crypto enthusiast encouraging people to self-custody their crypto, why would you still keep all of your funds on Binance? Especially knowing the importance this money has for you and your family.


  17. Gapoly on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    Never put all your savings in crypto


  18. Miamisands on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    Can you buy done bitcoin and send them that then they can cash it in? Ir is entire site locked you from doing it? What was the questionable 50.00 action that caused all of this fuss? What happened there?


  19. [deleted] on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    Not your keys – not your crypto. Have nothing more to tell here.


  20. Elrondarius on 17. May 2024 at 3:46

    OP – If you have your coins in your own hardware wallet, there will be no such problems. Just remember that everything held on exchange is not yours.