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  1. [deleted] on 10. July 2024 at 6:51



  2. [deleted] on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    If I want to send BTC from my Web3 wallet I get following error: “TX decode failed. Make sure the tx has at least one input.[604005]”

    30 minutes earlier sending BTC TO my wallet worked without any problems and now sending FROM it is impossible, why?

    Can someone help me please resolve this problem?


  3. Ok-Breakfast8023 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Case ID #113926435
    I have been waiting for almost 33 days for my withdrawal to be unblocked, support does not give any information when I will receive my money and keeps unsubscribing so that I just wait for an email. I do not recommend anyone to use Binance, they can simply freeze your money and not give you any information when you can get it back. I will spend this Christmas in total poverty, begging because Binance cannot give me my money. Many thanks to this service for such great holidays


  4. Independent_Wave5651 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Hello! I bought 5000 INR worth of Bitcoin from binance via P2P. If I convert the released amount of Bitcoin back to INR there is a 20% difference from amount in the google.
    What’s happening here? I am attaching screenshots


  5. Mooner42069 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Hi guys, I’m moving to the UK from France and thus will change my residency. Is there anything I should be aware? Will I be able to withdraw my crypto etc once my residency has changed? I’m asking as it seems that the UK residency can make things trickier from what i read online. Cheers


  6. [deleted] on 10. July 2024 at 6:51



  7. intelektor on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Why I don’t have a liquidation price in Crossed Margin.

    I have 907 in USDT

    I have 907 in debt

    I have 1815 in total = 907 USDT + 907 in debt

    Why there is no liquidation price for all my margin trades? I’ve used margin for all of them.


  8. key74201 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    HELLO r/Binance I have commented since more than 10 days here regarding an issue I’m having since years with my account. You replied saying I should contact again the support via chat, which I did. The support closed my ticket as SOLVED. It’s clear it’s just an organized SCAM that you are running here. I wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR with my money!


  9. aprx4 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    I have few questions about how merchants on P2P work. I often use Binance P2P, and it is not uncommon to have a merchant who asked for weird things like reaching to them via phone or sending them a screenshot of bank transfer. I opened an appeal any time i got one of those merchants and they all had to release the payment.

    So my questions are:

    1) does merchant see the content of the appeal i opened?

    2) does a merchant face any kind of temporary limit or obstacle in trading with their active ads if he/she has an active appeal created against them?

    In my country, domestic bank transfer is instant and free so it makes zero sense in asking for a screenshot, because they would know better than anyone else whether they received the money or not.


  10. teuzp on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to withdraw BTC from my spot wallet and transfer them to my Exodus wallet but the current withdrawal fee is too high for me. I am considering using the Lightning Network for withdrawal. I checked with Binance and found out that they support the LN network, but when I tried to select it, it didn’t appear as an option. I contacted customer service, and the bot informed me that LN is not supported in Italy. I also tried using a VPN, but I still couldn’t find the Lightning Network in the withdrawal section.

    Can anyone please suggest any alternative ways to withdraw my BTC and save money on withdrawal fees? I would appreciate any suggestions or shortcuts. When will Lightning Network be supported also in Italy?

    Thank you.


  11. banda_de_jueguitos on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Hi! Trying to buy USDT using Wise as I normally do, but it looks like that option doesn’t exist anymore?


  12. M_misssicks on 10. July 2024 at 6:51


    I am dutch citizen and used to live there when I opened my account. I have moved to France now and therefore wanted to change that on my binance account. The issue I have is that since binance isn’t available in Netherlands i have no option but to withdraw my coins. Do I have to create a new account with the french address or do I have to move all of them to a new exchange?


  13. Bluntandsharp on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Sell to card services available yet?


  14. [deleted] on 10. July 2024 at 6:51



  15. uCallous on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Hello ,

    I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek assistance regarding a recent Cardano (ADA) transaction issue.

    Transaction Details:

    * Transaction ID: 1f672d4a08e219860ab3ba9c3d05a6264c412481dcf25ab0b3a49efc7ffb6f3a
    * Nami Wallet Address: addr1qyh6h4vup2f2f6dsfmsmr336tvvfgk4q56kw62vcvzq5mghjdtuwfledquu20hmsc37sld8w7qvnev05xq7urxyxde8qu0ws7d

    I mistakenly sent my Cardano (ADA) coins from my Nami wallet to a Binance wallet using the BEP20 network, instead of the ADA network. Unfortunately, the coins have not been credited to my Binance account.

    I understand that the Nami wallet only supports transactions on the ADA network, and I acknowledge the error in providing the BEP20 wallet address for the transfer.

    Could you please assist me in recovering the ADA coins or guiding me on the necessary steps to resolve this issue? I think Binance would have to connect to Milkomeda to send the assets back to my wallet.. Cuz transaction is took place in the milkomeda network.

    Thank you for your time and assistance.


  16. Aashu10 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    My card (Mastercard) is not accepted anymore, I stay in Germany. Is there any info?


  17. hustler255 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    I tried to send 0.002 SOL from my Ledger to Binance on the SOL network (0.002 was the minimum allowed according to Binance on the SOL address). The transaction was successful according to []( and the destination address shows as having 0.002 SOL.

    But this doesn’t show on my Binance account. I raised a missing transaction request and it was rejected because “the transaction could not be found”. I sent another 0.002 but the same thing happened.

    I don’t want to send a larger amount but I am not sure what to do. I double checked the transaction id and it shows up on the solana explorer.


  18. mzdoja on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    As a user, how do I access my TRON coin that’s in my binance wallet? I missed the turnover time period and am left wondering what I can do to recover my coin and get it to an accessible account. I am directed to talk to chat, but I can’t find a way to answer my question. Thanks in advance.


  19. jboadas on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Just updated binance application to 2.76.6 from 27 Dic. 2023 and there is no p2p fund password anymore, there is a way to enable again?


  20. Rol9608 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Hello team,

    Bit confused does this means I havr to sell all of my stuff on binance? Thank you


  21. kingpinhere on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Was talking with support for an issue with futures grid bot and i got banned for being reckless and stating the obvious that happened got expired 200 pips above the liquidation price, rep, said decision is final 114759165


  22. [deleted] on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

  23. [deleted] on 10. July 2024 at 6:51



  24. [deleted] on 10. July 2024 at 6:51



  25. plasmalightwave on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Is Binance still accessible from India? Or has it been blocked?


  26. waterglassisclear on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Is it possible to go into debt from trading leveraged futures I’d you’re unlucky or is the maximum loss the deposit in the futures wallet?


  27. CN2120 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Binance is holding my asset since Dec 14th.
    please return my asset back to my account.
    all evidence(video clip, my ID, returned asset info) approved by your team. and they said Dec 30th will be done, but today again delay till Jan 11th.
    please help me and my kids out. they need money to go to school
    Case ID: h6ddmiDDrfjfEZbEsWuB


  28. CN2120 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Binance, why are you doing illegal thing? Holding user asset is illegal, are you criminal?


  29. Prestigious_Sea_2672 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    This is just a general question(I couldn’t find any sources or person to answer this question, so I’ll ask here). Is the compound interest that accumulates in the savings section in Binance an automatic process? or is it something that can be manually switched on or off by a user?


  30. Spirited_Ad_9926 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    When I go to withdraw into bank account there is no option given to withdraw into bank account, why is this and how do I withdraw into bank account ? Any response is much appreciated


  31. Intelligent_Moment57 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    Seems like my the prompt for my bankverification with truelayer Doesnt work (my bank is supporterd)


  32. floor251 on 10. July 2024 at 6:51

    I dont know why is it 1617 TUSD vs 1587 USDT. 1TUSD = 0.9973USDT

    Please explain!