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● Spot, margin & futures trading

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● Binance Visa Card transactions

● Unable to complete KYC

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  1. Ace5th on 17. February 2023 at 21:39

    Is there an issue with binance payment provider?


  2. Arkfoo on 17. February 2023 at 21:39

    When i add a new card for Withdrawals ( EURO Withdrawal to Europe Region), do i need to deposit money from the new card first to verify the new card?

    I added a new card (credit card in this case) to withdraw to but got a failed withdrawal email 5min later from Binance.


  3. Umist on 17. February 2023 at 21:39

    Hi there. My case ID is #100650189.
    I have problem with withdrawal from monday. The system says: “Withdrawal function temporarily suspended

    [RW00142] Your account may be at risk. In order to keep your funds safe, withdrawals have been temporarily disabled. Please contact Customer Support for further assistance.”

    I contacted support immediately, and they forwarded the issue to an “expert”. 4 days passed still no progress, they just said “Review in your account is still in process. Should there be any information we are able to share with you, we will make sure to contact you without hesitation”

    Stuck most of my assets in Binance account causing a lot of trouble for me. How long will the problem last?


  4. Altruistic-Depth-270 on 17. February 2023 at 21:39

    Hello! Just a quick question. Is it possible that sometimes (app error maybe) email/Google authenticator and phone codes verification for withdrawal process are not requested? Because that happened to me yesterday, and I mean, I did wanted the withdrawal but it was kinda weird it didn’t ask for those things. I don’t have that account in my whitelist, so I wondered if that could be normal or if I should be worried. Thanks in advance.


  5. Ace5th on 17. February 2023 at 21:39

    Is binance not refunding people there money what is going on with binance payment provider. I placed a deposit an it went through from my bank, but was failed by binance payment providers. I went on to live chat and have been told that binance is having issues with there payment provider. I STRONGLY ADVICE EVERYONE TO GET YOUR MONEY OFF THAT EXCHANGE ASAP. Given the fact that the payment provider binance claims is a separate company i think speaks for itself. Look closer people at this. I will be uploading a video to youtube about this aswell. Ill post it here aswel for those of you who are not subscribed


  6. [deleted] on 17. February 2023 at 21:39



  7. gazvov on 17. February 2023 at 21:39

    Hi – case ID: 100777000

    I’m trying to withdraw Fiat to a UK bank card and continually get error 20005, telling me to try again later. I can’t find any information about this error online. I can’t withdraw using the bank account itself as I am blocked from verifying the account with a small deposit, due to the FCA.



  8. Kriisikeskus on 17. February 2023 at 21:39


    Binance asked me Source of Wealth declaration in beginning of january this year. I provided all the documents in 2023-01-17. Documents were sent succesfully, and a notification appeared on my account: “Source of Wealth declaration under review. Estimated completion date: 2023-01-27”.

    To date, it has been 19 days from that estimated completion date, and 29 days from the original sending date of the documents. It hasn’t been completed yet.

    My question is, do I have to be more patient, or is there something wrong with processing of the documents? My account permissions has been limited from beginning of february, and I cannot even use Simple Earn (staking, flexible savings etc.), because “Source of Wealth verification is under review.” This annoys me a lot, because I am not able to do any business with my assets.

    Otherwise I’ve been very happy with Binance.


  9. Mental-Smoke2340 on 17. February 2023 at 21:39

    Dear Binance Support,

    After the 3commas hack in December 2022, my Binance account was blocked from trading and withdrawing. I raised the appeal 202212281003038921364903692, which got closed as I am not able to find the very first bank transaction to Binance back in 2020. I had provided all the other information (ID Verification, login videos, etc.). I have tried multiple times to reopen a request, but I am also getting error messages. Could you please help deblock the situation?

    Thanks in advance.


  10. breadmaker8 on 17. February 2023 at 21:39

    Case ID #100748036
    I am a US citizen trying to access an old Binance account.


  11. excubitor15379 on 17. February 2023 at 21:39

    Hi i Got problem on browser on android smartphones when in futures i want to use search nothing shows up, it says no data. Previously it was working fine, but last several days it doesnt work. I add that on PC on browser everything is fine, so i guess its android bug. Fix plz.


  12. [deleted] on 17. February 2023 at 21:39



  13. [deleted] on 17. February 2023 at 21:39



  14. Prestigious-Pop-1078 on 17. February 2023 at 21:39

    hello binance bros

    I recently sold many CSGO skins and converted them to USDC and later USD on binance. when i go to withdraw it asks me to add a payment method but when i add my debit card it says “deposit method succesfully added” or something like that but then still asks for a new withdrawal method. I have never deposited money into the wallet if that helps


  15. Firm-Routine-5013 on 17. February 2023 at 21:39

    Is Jasmy going to be delisted or is that a false rumor?


  16. [deleted] on 17. February 2023 at 21:39