Binance, on its TradingView chart, implements the Price Volume Trend ([PVT]( Technical Indicator. As mentioned in TradingView documentation, this is the PVT calculation:

*PVT = \[((CurrentClose – PreviousClose) / PreviousClose) x Volume\] + PreviousPVT*

Let’s consider that PVT is calculated for the last three klines (candlesticks). The result would be X because the value of kline\[3\] is unknown, so kline\[2\] Previous PVT value would be zero. Adding additional klines to the calculation would ultimately affect the result of kline\[0\] PVT.

The quantity of klines looked back affects the result of the current PVT. So, on the TradingView chart, how many klines (candlesticks) are considered back for the PVT Technical Indicator calculation?

Thank you.

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