about to sign up for Binance US to buy some BTC since fees are wayy lower than CB Pro. Also it looks like if someone has a referral link you and I both get $15 when I buy some BTC. Could someone confirm this, and if so, post a link? I don’t mind helping you out if that means I get $15 as well, it’s a win win 🙂

If this isn’t allowed, let me know.

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  1. everydayiamhodling on 4. February 2020 at 2:55

    **Referral to get $15:** [https://www.binance.us/?ref=35008064](https://www.binance.us/?ref=35008064)

    Binance US is better at the moment because:

    * New users trade free for 30 days. After that, fees are 0.1% vs CoinbasePro’s 0.5%
    * You can use your ACH deposits immediately on Binance US. On CoinbasePro, you usually have to wait a week before you can use them.
    * Binance US has FDIC insurance on your unused USD.


  2. FTG101 on 4. February 2020 at 2:55

    If you’re still interested (as well as anyone else), you can sign up using mine:


    I’ve been using it for around a month so far, and it works great. Make sure to take advantage of the 30 days of free trades as a new user!


  3. solotoshi on 4. February 2020 at 2:55



  4. huom7473 on 4. February 2020 at 2:55

    Hey, yeah if you sign up and trade $100 worth of crypto (buying BTC included) we’ll both get $15.

    Here’s my link, feel free to use it and good luck. [https://www.binance.us/?ref=35043350](https://www.binance.us/?ref=35043350)


  5. CryptoCarTalk on 4. February 2020 at 2:55

    I signed up and never got it


  6. [deleted] on 4. February 2020 at 2:55