Hello. Original card has been terminated, for some reason i am not allowed to order replacement. Account has been verified. Any advice ?

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  1. Red_n_Rusty on 28. April 2023 at 12:23

    Same issue here. I tried to get a new one for six months by contacting the customer service every month but they continuously said it isn’t possible. I’ve since moved to using other crypto cards.


  2. BinanceCSHelp on 28. April 2023 at 12:23

    Hi there, please, let us check this issue in detail, so we could understand better what has happened. Kindly open a live chat with our Support team at [https://www.binance.com/en/chat](https://www.binance.com/en/chat).

    1. Go to binance.com/en/chat
    2. Select the closest category to your issue, and connect to chat.
    3. After the automatic reply from the chatbot, please choose
    “Unsolved” and then click to “Leave Message now” and leave your message. JI


  3. Fearless_Ad_5938 on 28. April 2023 at 12:23

    Which card did you move on to? Trying to be a digital nomad in a few months and I am hoping to get a crypto card with less hassle and also one that can be delivered in no time. Got recommendations on Plutus and CryptMi already but still wondering if what’s out there can be better.


  4. IdealEnvironment on 28. April 2023 at 12:23

    I read about the same issue recently. Still quite cool though how you can now use a card linked to your wallet. Unfortunately, it has not launched in my location.