already gave my KYC then they wanted to know my rental deal dox.

Nah they are nothing more then scammers thank god for open source swap exchanges like metamask.

They are really terrible customer support online. And info after info they got my bank statements and my metamask wallet.

Im moving everything from both accounts. Its ridiculous how they try and be the fuckin bullies to you then try and stop your withdrawing from your own account.

Unbelievable, to date they ahve been very good, If KYC details have changed they should at least DISCLOSE THAT INFO TO YOU VIA EMAIL OR MESSAGE>


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  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 22. May 2022 at 13:21

    While I understand our KYC process may prove bothersome and time-consuming, we are
    required by our internal policies to establish the nature of your relationship
    with Bitstamp and source of funds, both fiat and crypto. Such procedures are a
    manifestation of Bitstamp’s proactive approach towards compliance and
    transparency, which allow us to ensure a safe and stable trading environment to
    our users.
    You can PM me your ticket number or account info and I’ll be more than happy to check your case.