Hey u/BitStampOfficial

will I ever get my money?

And do not just throw script “we will check and get back to you/ we are working on it” at me.

I am trying to withdraw for 8 days now. Hell, you can get even a ticket number **1438948**


  1. YMIR_THE_FROSTY on 22. August 2023 at 16:35

    Hey, be happy, someone else than me withdrawed all my money from Bitstamp. 😀


  2. Borhes on 22. August 2023 at 16:35

    They have not resolved my situation, instead they offered me to pay 35$ to get swift m103 reject document… Which will probably have none of useful info


  3. rjdioa on 22. August 2023 at 16:35

    Good luck! I just spent the last four days trying to understand why their system would not allow me to deposit money via ACH. All of the four responses from their customer service was absolutely useless. And yes, they threw script at me as well. Even when I made a call to speak with someone, the information relayed was not beneficial.


  4. Bitstamp-Domen on 22. August 2023 at 16:35

    Hi! Our team got back to you on this case via Twitter, please check your DMs there 🙂


  5. [deleted] on 22. August 2023 at 16:35



  6. Low_Possession_995 on 22. August 2023 at 16:35

    Got 100k stuck on bitstamp and support just wimps it off so im getting in contact with my lawyer because they cant do this