I really getting doubts about BitStamp. I wanted to transfer a small piece of an ETH to another wallet of mine and they keep rejecting the whitelist of the other wallet. I have done everything they have requested and they keep on rejecting it, without providing a valid reason! I have submitted support tickets but they just keep stating the same automated replies. No reason why it is rejected, nothing!
It looks like they want to prevent you from withdrawing anything from their platform. To me this looks more and more like a SCAM exchange or they have financial issues.


  1. Bitstamp-Domen on 6. April 2022 at 12:05

    Hi, sorry you feel that way. Mind sending me a PM with more info so I can look into this for you?


  2. YMIR_THE_FROSTY on 6. April 2022 at 12:05


    ..never got this issue, but what I would do is simply moving it to some other less strict exchange.

    Ofc I wouldnt even move ETH at first place, due insane fees (not Bitstamp fault, more like ETH failure).


  3. Jedi2462 on 6. April 2022 at 12:05

    I Agree Completely.

    This is what I’m going through on behalf of my 67 year old father

    19/12/2021 – DAY 18 Unresolved
    (Ticket 545706 and 1283684)
    Hi Bitstamp,
    You have still not unlocked my fathers account to allow him to withdraw his funds. It is completely unacceptable and your support channels are now quiet. This was after continuous unnecessary and violating KYC procedures. Some of which I am sure violate Europes current GDPR procedures. I will keep posting this all over your Social Media platforms to warn others against using your ‘services” (scam) until it is resolved. I have also seen other users with similar issues.
    My patience is wearing thin and I am going to investigate other legal means to resolve this issue if you cannot handle it yourselves. If necessary I will involve relevant authorities.