Hi, I used to trust Bitstamp as my main Exchange for big transitions, as it sounded like a serious exchange compared to others. BUT, this situation is showing me that it is far from serious.

I withdrew 69k more than a month ago to my Bank of America account, and it never hit my bank. I opened support tickets; they started to answer, then they began to close my tickets “by accident.” I started calling support and tried to talk with a manager or a department but is impossible. The “complaints” department is the department that takes these cases don’t have a process to answer calls, so basically, you have to wait to receive an email from them. 2 weeks ago I received an email from the department, and then they went mute, not replying my emails, not updating me on the status.. not a single email. I decided to start opening Support tickets again, but they close the tickets and they are asking me to stop opening new tickets as the “complaints” department already contacted me with an email. ??

Has anyone gone through something similar?

I’m now seriously worried about my funds, as the attitude that Bistamp is taking with this is shady, to say the least.



  1. YMIR_THE_FROSTY on 15. August 2023 at 16:15

    Never had issues with them, apart 2FA not being phone based which cost me roughly 6000 EUR. 😀


  2. Aggravating_Cell8836 on 15. August 2023 at 16:15

    Thanks a lot for your DMs. It seems that several people had to deal with similar issues, so this is getting interesting.

    **My update on the situation:** I spoke with u/Bitstamp-Lucas over chat. He told me that they are not receiving my emails… So I asked him to share with me the email of the person that is in charge of my case or even his email, but he can’t. He told me that to contact [support@bitstamp.net](mailto:support@bitstamp.net) and [complaints@bitstamp.net](mailto:complaints@bitstamp.net) which are the emails that I’m using but they seem to not arrive.
    This is of course super weird. I haven’t had the chance to speak to anyone besides 1st level Support ?? How’s that possible? No emails, no phone calls. No one that I can speak with. We are talking about USD 69.0000 lost.
    I’m sure that there are people dealing with the same situation.
    I’ll dig till the end.


  3. AldoNYC on 15. August 2023 at 16:15

    Bitstamp stole about 20K SGB tokens that i suppose to received. Don’t trust these exchange it’s a scam.


  4. AldoNYC on 15. August 2023 at 16:15

    I have a new name for this exchange BitScam.


  5. Bitstamp-Lucas on 15. August 2023 at 16:15

    Hi there!

    Please send me a DM and I’ll see what I can do about this to get you a reply as soon as possible. I understand the gravity of the situation and I am sorry you haven’t been getting any responses.

    – Lucas from Bitstamp


  6. Foreign-Animator-861 on 15. August 2023 at 16:15

    tbh… Bitstamp, somehow i have the feeling that you are structurally stealing the money from your customers…


  7. artemisarrow17 on 15. August 2023 at 16:15

    Did you get an update?