Bitstamp requires SOC proof. Ok law requirements etc.
But real pain in ass is that HOW they want it.
They want transaction history with your name on it.
It is impossible to give them such document that will give you transaction history and your name on it.
I am on Kraken/Bittrex/Coinbase/Binance transaction history can be exported as CSV or you can print site as PDF.
Anyway you won’t get your name on it this is like 75% crypto market.

Guess what is the best XD ?
Their own site even can’t do it for you…

Bitstamp – I am disappointed with you.

PS: I have mailed some exchanges if they will give me such documents even if pay for it. They don’t have such service.

PPS: Maybe you should support live streaming to show you other exchange interface with trading data?


  1. dm_sufc on 21. May 2022 at 13:20

    Did you find a solution to this, they have requested the same from me. It appears what they are asking for is physically impossible?


  2. Bitstamp-Domen on 21. May 2022 at 13:20

    While we do understand that our KYC procedures may come off as unnecessary or too extensive, it’s a manifestation of our proactive approach towards compliance and transparency. In order to resolve this as soon as possible, I’d advise you keep corresponding with the KYC agent charge of your case and forward your questions in case you have any doubts on what’s requested of you.