Hi, everybody!

our project continues to push crypto Mass adoption and now we want to show to Binance community a new feature.

Here you can see **BNB mass adoption map** >>>[https://cryptwerk.com/coinmap/bnb/](https://cryptwerk.com/coinmap/bnb/)

The map is based on the list of merchants accepting BNB from our database ( [https://cryptwerk.com/pay-with/bnb/](https://cryptwerk.com/pay-with/bnb/) )

We hope that will help BNB to grow!


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  1. Chaosed on 5. September 2019 at 0:06

    Holland as a hot spot? That’s interesting. How did that happen?


  2. xaboutme on 5. September 2019 at 0:06

    Lol it’s all the dm btc in Holland lol


  3. Harambe2point0 on 5. September 2019 at 0:06

    I don’t know if this is an AMA but what’s in Greece and Estonia? When you say mass adoption are you looking to be a payment platform or an ecosystem like Ethereum?


  4. LiamR001 on 5. September 2019 at 0:06

    In Cape Town, South Africa!? What am I missing, what’s happening there and where can I find more info on that? 😀