I’m having trouble understanding how it works. Can someone with **authority** please give me an example with 1000 KCS? For example,

> You chose to lock up 1000 KCS on Aug 1.
> You now choose to unlock it prematurely on Aug 31. **What happens?**

> You chose to lock up 1000 KCS on Aug 1.
> You allow the 90 days to pass, and now the lockup period is over- **how do you work with the BUYBACKKCS function?**
> On Oct 30 must you be available for those 24 hours to do the buyback? Also, *how does it work!?* Please give an example with the 1000 KCS I have locked up.

I think it’d be very helpful for anyone that’s involved to see what 100 KCS, 1000 KCS, and let’s say, 5000 KCS locked up does for you. At the moment of this writing, it’s unclear. Thank you!

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  1. FootoftheBeast on 7. August 2019 at 0:16

    They already answered those questions in other posts:

    Option 1:

    -> You get your KCS back but with a 10% penalty and no lockup rewards. Also note you will not receive daily bonus from KCS during that time.

    Option 2:

    -> The buyback function will only be available for 24 hrs. If you choose it, Kucoin will buy KCS at 90% of the price on the day of lockup. If not (or you do nothing) you will receive your KCS back + lockup rewards.