I have tried and failed several times to connect my Binance account with cointracker. For more context, here is the full error message displayed on cointracker when I try to connect:

Failed to add account. Please check the values below. Raw error: Binance Request Error for https://api.binance.com/api/v3/account, with HTTP response 451. Response Info: {‘code’: 0, ‘msg’: “Service unavailable from a restricted location according to ‘b. Eligibility’ in https://www.binance.com/en/terms. Please contact customer service if you believe you received this message in error.”}.

I am from Kenya. Is that related to the Eligibility ToS?

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  1. Dirac_Spinors on 7. January 2023 at 20:08

    I had a similar issue with the websocket I had set up which connected to stream.Binance.com. I had to change the connection address to data-stream.Binance.com and it started working for me again. I guess this is what you have to do if you’re only trying to collect the data and make sure you’re only accessing the stream that can’t make api trades.


  2. BinanceCSHelp on 7. January 2023 at 20:08

    Hello there. Let’s take a look in more detail together. Kindly join our live chat at [https://binance.com/en/chat](https://binance.com/en/chat)
    App: Dashboard > Profile icon > Help & Support > Chat
    We will check the status and inform you in more details. Thanks! ^KO


  3. BoxLate5854 on 7. January 2023 at 20:08

    change your connection address. Data stream should give you that access