You win, Bitstamp!

I finally figured out how you guys operate and that I have been a sucker all along.

The basic idea is that Bitstamp gathers personal information that is surely used by them or sold to third parties for nefarious reasons.

Once you import crypto to Bitstamp, the next phase is to find ways to lock you out of your account. This requires you to send more personal info and now video of your image and voice.

They will play this back and fourth game until they wear you down or until they can use the excuse of their “terms and conditions” to permanently block you.

The idea of course is to claim your crypto as abandoned and take it for themselves.

I for one am tired of these little games. I am no longer interested in uploading more and more personal ID. Not even my actual bank requires this much info. What next, a blood and sperm sample?

I am going to chalk this up to a loss. I am taking it as a lesson that you have to be very careful with crypto because there seem to be a lot of scammers out there.

So, Bitstamp. Take my money. It is yours. If you are a legit company in any capacity then I want my account permanently deleted and all personal info deleted / destroyed immediately.

I will however be sure to let as many people as possible know to avoid your company at all costs. If your FB page is any indication, this is a common theme that unfortunately many have had to experience.

Thanks for making my first experience with crypto a terrible one.


  1. MichielLangkamp on 23. June 2022 at 14:08

    That is some serious conspiracy thinking you’ve done there..

    Appart from some fee structures I dont like, Bitstamp is my go to exchange.
    I’ve been using Bitstamp for years and never ever had a problem with deposits or withdrawals, either FIAT or crypto.

    And I move in and out a lot. FIAT always arrives within 24 hours. And crypto always arrives with the speed of that particular assest.

    I’m from Europe. I use SEPA.

    Just to highlight another experience.


  2. Feisty-_-Goat on 23. June 2022 at 14:08

    Sorry you had such a negative experience. As far as my experience goes, it has always been positive, bar for one deposit which took a bit longer than I wished. Bitstamp is one of the few fully regulated fiat/crypto exchanges based in the EU, which, as far as I am concerned, is a great advantage. KYC procedures are becoming the norm on all reputable exchanges if you want to trade with anything more than pocket money. And this is a good thing if we want crypto to become mainstream.


  3. AdMinimum8487 on 23. June 2022 at 14:08

    my experience with bitstamp is awesome


  4. Bitstamp-Domen on 23. June 2022 at 14:08

    Check out the reply from my colleague [u/Bitstamp-Lucas]( to your other post.


  5. IllMakeItUpNow on 23. June 2022 at 14:08

    I moved what little I had out of there earlier this year. I used it for a minute several years ago and left some crumbs in there and this last year was curious what those crumbs looked like now. Anyway it wasn’t much but I moved it out.

    So after I did that I deleted my 2FA from my phone thinking I’d never need bitstamp again. Now I’m doing taxes and thought oh I should probably add the few bitsamp transactions I’ve had to complete my taxes properly.

    And I’ve been stuck on the same boat as you the last few days. Submitted my ID with the video etc. 4 TIMES in the last couple days. Still locked out lol. Fuck this bullshit.


  6. p0theadl0ngtime on 23. June 2022 at 14:08

    You don’t know how right you are op