We’ve restored ACH payments in the US **🥳**

https://preview.redd.it/oake1brl4z1b1.png?Breite=1200&format = png&auto = webp&s=c90a2e726b0bdb02b6be715d4cb6d349a1e3851d

We’re happy to say that Bitstamp customers in the US can once again make deposits via ACH payment. **🎉** We’ve been doing everything we could behind the scenes to restore a secure, reliable ACH payment service.

Start using the fast, secure and preferred payment method in the States.

Make a deposit💰: [https://www.bitstamp.net/account/deposit/](https://www.bitstamp.net/account/deposit/)

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  1. Veröffentlich von hashlog5 am 9. November 2023 um 21:12


    Why is the daily and monthly deposit through ACH capped at 3k? I’ve done the max verification and there’s no way to increase the limit.