I am new in Binance. According to the site rules, I should not accept trades from users that try to use a payment method in a person’s name that does not match their real name in Binance.
I’m having a hard time finding users that do not try this, specially when selling. I actually gave up and transferred my crypto to another platform to convert to Fiat.
How common is this practice? What does it mean, are these people identity thiefs? If it is against the rules, why is it so prevalent and why does the platform not ban these users?

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  1. Veröffentlich von Wut0ng am 7. November 2023 um 17:21

    Those are probably scammers that got into someone else’s bank account.

    They ARE being banned but they just create new accounts.

    I recommend not trading with them, as you might get problems with the bank account’s owner, when they realize they have been stolen.


  2. Veröffentlich von p2pcanadian am 7. November 2023 um 17:21

    what currency. i do CAD and USD and i don’t use 3rd party DM if you want to trade

    never accept 3rd party the chance of it being scam is very high


  3. Veröffentlich von [deleted] am 7. November 2023 um 17:21

    Why don’t you just use the spot market to convert coins into fiat?


  4. Veröffentlich von I-just-wanna-play am 7. November 2023 um 17:21

    Which other platform did you use to convert to Fiat, if I may ask?


  5. Veröffentlich von XBB32 am 7. November 2023 um 17:21

    I don’t understandIsn’t it pretty easy to convert to BUSD and send fiat to your bank account?


  6. Veröffentlich von tsurutatdk am 7. November 2023 um 17:21

    I have encountered this already. My account is full and can’t receive new cash as I’m limited and the buyer is waiting for my other account which is my partner so yes, everything is smooth. I think this depends between the seller and the buyer.