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  1. Veröffentlich von hubwal am 27. April 2022 um 12:45

    Hallo allerseits

    Im Bitstamp client for more then 5y. I have made a few bank deposits and bought different cryptos.
    Suddenly my account was blocked with idiotic excuse thatbI have to deliver a proof of my cryptos. How can I send a proof of something that I bought in Bitstamp platform. Noone helps. All the time automatic question to send a proof.

    I have hired a lawyer in Luxemburg to make a class action and claim to the financial commision.

    I dont recommend to anyone this broker


  2. Veröffentlich von 7erg7227ire am 27. April 2022 um 12:45

    Firstlynice work on the ios ap upgrade, definitely a step in the right direction!

    I have a couple of questions about Staking ETH.

    1) Do we get charged a transaction fee (or gas?) for moving eth into staking pool ?

    2) I note bitstamp take 15% of the staking reward, so does this make the actual reward 5.41% oder 5.41-15% = 4.59% ?

    3) is there any other staking coins to be added in future?

    Hopefully you can add more GBP pairs soon, you need this to really expand further and get the bitstamp name out there!


  3. Veröffentlich von sexidarcy am 27. April 2022 um 12:45

    Do you plan on adding more assets?


  4. Veröffentlich von CephLaPoDGoD am 27. April 2022 um 12:45

    When SGB?


  5. Veröffentlich von han5da am 27. April 2022 um 12:45

    Would be great if you can recover my bsc-eth. This is an uncomplicated process but you are not doing it! I don’t understand why?


  6. Veröffentlich von storks_brDanilo am 27. April 2022 um 12:45

    My account has been frozen for a while, I sent the documents but got no response.


  7. Veröffentlich von DottorZivago am 27. April 2022 um 12:45

    Is it possible to buy via credit card and add less than 0,1 ETH to a stake already binded in the staking pool?


  8. Veröffentlich von Acceptable-Oil7049 am 27. April 2022 um 12:45



  9. Veröffentlich von cbct73 am 27. April 2022 um 12:45

    Does Bitstamp support the upcoming BOBA airdrop to OMG holders?

    It says so on [](

    But it would be nice to have an official confirmation from Bitstamp (on their blog, twitter, email, usw).

    Vielen Dank.


  10. Veröffentlich von Galapias am 27. April 2022 um 12:45

    Any news on the SOLO airdrop ? Will it be supported by Bitstamp just as it does for SGB?