Hallo alle zusammen! Great news. We’d like to introduce you all to something new we’ve been planning

We’re opening a discussion post where you can share your opinions, give us some feedback and tell us what you’d like to see us do in the future. All support related questions are also welcome, so if anyone is experiencing any problems, feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll look into it asap.

P.S. We don’t have any news at the moment about the time frame for our SGB distribution. 😉

4 Kommentare

  1. Veröffentlich von Big-Hall-5677 am 8. Mai 2022 um 13:04

    Nice!! It will be interesting to see what people come up with. I personally would really like to see more staking options plz guys


  2. Veröffentlich von Prestigious-Bug-1452 am 8. Mai 2022 um 13:04

    It’s always good to listen to your community. I can see that you’re already working on adding new assets, which is great, I would love to have my favourite coins on your exchange, hurry up!


  3. Veröffentlich von svencan am 8. Mai 2022 um 13:04

    Y’all got some Cardano with staking? I would love meself some ADA staking on Bitstamp.


  4. Veröffentlich von RemarkableHeart7542 am 8. Mai 2022 um 13:04

    So how is situation with FLAIR on bitstamp when will it be listed And when distributed?