I’ve had two failed withdrawals. There is no explanation as to why. All my bank info is correct. I want my money back. Your automated system doesn’t help. Please help me

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  1. dirtyhandsome on 1. February 2023 at 21:20

    Did you open a chat with support and spoke to an actual person yet?


  2. BinanceCSHelp on 1. February 2023 at 21:20

    Hello, let’s check with our team on this.
    In order to avoid requesting any personal information from you, please join our live chat at https://binance.com/en/chat to check everything.
    So that we could assist you and verify all the pertinent data.


  3. Qazival on 1. February 2023 at 21:20

    Try P2P Trading, I rarely make withdrawals to the Bank. P2P is faster and if you get a genuine trader. You should receive your funds instantly.