Binance doesn’t retrieve unlisted coin via avax-c chain. But most other exchanges retrieves unlisted coin like kucoin,FTX.
Many users sent usdc.e and usdt.e to binance via avax-c chain instead usdc and usdt. It is confusing and many exchanges support usdc.e in avax-c chain. That’s why people made mistakes. But binance is so unkind and unfriendly. They rejected again and again to retrieve our assets while other exchanges retrieves their usersasset.

➔ bisitahin ang Binance ngayon at simulan ang pangangalakal

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  1. Crashkeys999 sa 17. Abril 2022 sa 12:10

    What do you mean byBinance doesn’t retrieve”? You mean that even after opening and sending a ticket to their support explaining the problem, they outright refuse to process the funds?


  2. RallyRacer2020 sa 17. Abril 2022 sa 12:10

    I have sent several tickets and each time they rejected with a reply that they do not list USDT.e and cannot refund.