Yesterday tried it once today again and it is not sending, not in spam folder or anywhere

What causes this?

➔ bisitahin ang Binance ngayon at simulan ang pangangalakal

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  1. BinanceCSHelp sa 8. Nobyembre 2023 sa 17:21

    Hello po! Thank you for reaching us on Reddit. We would be more than happy to check your issue further with our team and provide a solution to you as soon as possible. We kindly ask you to contact our support team through live chat []( Our team will assist you and inform you accordingly. You can also share your case ID with us to check the details. Salamat. ^AE


  2. BinanceCSHelp sa 8. Nobyembre 2023 sa 17:21

    Also please check this FAQ link and follow the steps []( If you already did that and still cannot receive an e-mail from us then contact our support. Thank you for your understanding. ^AE