Saw this video on youtube. As I understand it, Binance does not issue BNB tokens at will. They are mined by the node operators. Should we be worried about the situation described in the video?


➔ bisitahin ang Binance ngayon at simulan ang pangangalakal

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  1. Alpha3K sa 19. Oktubre 2023 sa 14:15

    You should be worried about

    1. Mazars going out of service with Binance
    2. Mazars reporting a faulty PoR-audit resulting in 101% collateralization, if
    3. …recent news indicate that user deposits were literally mixed with tokens in a collateralization-relevant wallet.

    If you can’t figure out the answer yourself from this, I’m not sure if anything can help you do so. You do you, but I’d be overly cautious especially right now. You don’t need a CEX to hold your tokens.