Been locked out of my account for 3 months, have tried changing the trading password by doing the steps.
1. Input email code and google auth
2. **Take picture of ID and face** \- **here it bugs out, goes back to home in app as if nothing happened, sometimes even before I can take any picture.**
On website it’s different, there I upload and it just instantly goes to home.

I have tried:
1. Doing it on website and on mobile app
2. Reinstalled mobile app 3 times
3. Different pictures
4. Asking customer support for help over the course of a couple of weeks, which led nowhere

It must be auto-detection software that fails or something.
Can someone here please help me?! I have not been able to access my funds since October

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  1. Any-Berry1203 on 5. February 2024 at 14:45

    Use the web browser on your laptop
    . Make sure to log in first before. Make sure to upload the right extension files (png/jpg). Make sure of the size of the files especially the video. When you hit submit you will get a success prompt then you will be directed to homepage again. Respond to the first ticket you sent. They can verify you through email too. They are very slow but eventually so solved my problem. It was kinda the same as yours