Cardano ($IL Y A) is now available for trading at Bitstamp 🎉

To celebrate, we’re giving away 50% of $ADA trading fees we collect this December!

All you need to do for a chance to win some:

* Comme & retweet the post on Twitter: [](
* Follow Bitstamp on Twitter
* Have a verified Bitstamp account (no trade required)

T&Cs apply: [](

1 commentaire

  1. Positive-Potential76 sur 17. avril 2022 à 12:16

    ‪I’ve been waiting for 2 hours while my ETH withdrawal is still in process and not even started! Your CS Anna confirmed she didn’t get any reply from your technical team after emailing them. She told me to wait like her and do nothing. I can’t imagine it’s Bitstamp’s service!