Where do I even begin with. I’m done using KuCoin.

I can’t do my taxes since for both spot and even more for futures, reporting is completely broken. It’s already hard do taxes and KuCoin reporting just doesn’t work and when it does the data is in the worst possible format.



* Gaps in reporting
* For spot, old trades from 2021 are missing.
* Both the spot and futures web UX is broken
* The date selectors are unintuitive and reset randomly
* The pagination just doesn’t work. You select a date range, then there are several pages. If I change pages, everything goes out of order, good luck trying to go back and forth between pages and find what you were looking for. Sometimes I can even keep going back form page 1 to -1, -2, -3.
* The CSV download options are broken
* It only downloads one of the pages at a time and no way to download everything in one go for futures, unlike spot trading.
* Futures trading could do a MUCH better job or helping by reporting the number of lots purchased and sold, along with the average cost basis for the lots for a given position, instead of just showing PNL and having to manually add every trade and weigh it to get the average.
* When I open the details about some futures position PnL, your API returns lets say 8 entries, but your UX is showing many pages worth of data with data for trades that happened 1 month before or after. BROKEN


I have thousands of trades, Now I have to spend 3 weeks of work to sort to your broken UX and manually calculate a bunch of stuff.


You know what? I’m done using your exchange. Good luck

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  1. LogikD on 14. April 2022 at 12:25

    I had to manually do over a thousand as well because a different exchange I used had terrible csvs. It sucks. Needless to say I’m not using kucoin or the other exchange anymore.