I have two separate tickets 1749672 and 1802605, one from a phone call and one from online. Both just keep delaying and saying will respond soon with solution.

I have $8.9k USD which I have requested repeatedly to withdraw!

I could have used the money for Christmas! But Bitstamp is keeping the money and not providing any solution for withdrawal!


  1. Bitstamp-Lucas on 3. May 2024 at 4:21

    Hi there!

    Can you please send me a DM with more info, I’ll check what is going on 🙂


  2. East_Buffalo8018 on 3. May 2024 at 4:21

    Same issue here….. it’s such a pain


  3. Unusual-Storage2583 on 3. May 2024 at 4:21

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