Is it ok to buy now? Right now I’m also quite confused between RBIF and Hooked = png&auto = webp&s=1db960c86fde0ced89a4c45ebfcf801cb02e676b

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  1. Evokaly di 16. November 2023 di 17:59

    IMO hooked is a terrible investment long term. But do what you want with your money.


  2. stormingaround10 di 16. November 2023 di 17:59

    I haven’t researched Hooked much, but why not diversify between these two if you’ve already found them as solid investments? One part of my portfolio includes low-cap tokens, but I divide funds into OCEAN, HARI, and UTK. These all projects have been developing, but listing DIA on Binance is for me the biggest news lately. It is better to diversify to reduce the risk IMO.


  3. TipTechnicali di 16. November 2023 di 17:59

    I’m not familiar with RBIF but I believe is CeFi-related. I have OKB from this trend. Web3 is my favorite group. Right now I have Arweave, Dia, Chainlink, Cartesi, and some others. As for HOOK, I participated in their IEO at the end of 2022. It looks like a big bargain rn.