I was informed that my account is blocked

I have attached several documents but I also cant attach anything more.

All my funds come from bank account and I have sent more money that I have withdrew.

What is going on with this broker?

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  1. hubwal di 1. Mei 2022 di 12:54

    I have tried to talk with Bitstamp support. Not any real help. If anyone has simillar problems please let me know. I work in a Fund in Luxembourg and will follow this cases to lawyers.


  2. hubwal di 1. Mei 2022 di 12:54

    The next step will be oficial complaint to cssf


  3. GerryGamble di 1. Mei 2022 di 12:54

    I’m in the same situation, I’ve a verified account since more than ten years, only Fiat deposits from my bank account, 2 months ago they asked me several documentation for KYC. Fortunally I withdrew all my coins, before they blocked my account. But they disabled only withdrawals, not deposit. The support doesn’t help. the required documents are impossible to provide… good job guys


  4. hubwal di 1. Mei 2022 di 12:54

    What can we do to recover our money?