I need advise! How do I get my Bitstamp crypto withdrawal unblocked. It has been three weeks, and I have sent everything I could and did a video interview and all. And still all I get is, that they are working on it. I need some timeline? It is very distressing to not have access to one’s savings. And more so, if it goes past 48hours, which is unheard of. This is very strange. Please any advise will be appreciated. Thanks


  1. Bubbly-Ingenuity8416 on 22. October 2023 at 16:36

    It is now 1 month later….and my money is still unavailable in bitstamp. without notice or reason!!! this is ridiculous!


  2. Bitstamp-Lucas on 22. October 2023 at 16:36

    Hi there!

    Can you please send me your user ID or email address so I can look into this and make sure it gets resolved asap?


  3. PartialAdjustment on 22. October 2023 at 16:36

    It definitely a scam,I tried to withdraw money and there are telling me to pay 20% according to IRS,I almost fell for that too after paying $35k before I came across someone testify about the same platform,so I ask her how she get her money back from them,she the introduced me to this specialist EDWARDMNITNICK on there official instagram page will forever appreciate you sir.