I tried to get my account to VERIFIED PLUS so I can get the bonuses but its now saying, “Identity Verification Failed” and I can only withdraw my assets and I can’t even resubmit my documents if there’s something that I have done wrong, on the verification page its saying “Assurance Review Failed” and I’m stuck here. Please help me.

Edit: I’m such a dumb dumb dumb person got so many DMS of freakin’ scammers pretending to be binance customer support right after I posted this and I also sent my registered email and SS of my user id to them. Luckily I caught all of them in time or I would have lost my assests. Idk if anybody knows it or not but I just wanted to put it out there, be carefull of these scammers.

This is the link they gave me to go on and they’ll fix my issue.


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  1. rorood123 on 15. December 2023 at 23:23

    I’ve been weeks trying to get my bank send me a statement with my postcode on it as I opened the account 30+ years ago before we had postcodes.. Finally received a statement & uploaded to the App to verify my address and I got a Pop-up message after a few minutes to say it was accepted and offering me a Binance Credit Card. Clicked along a few different offers and then went back to my profile and saw a red dot and a message saying I wasn’t verified. So I was verified for a few minutes & now I’m not verified again. Whats going on? Anyone else having similar issues?


  2. ticklishtimmy on 15. December 2023 at 23:23

    Same here. I’ve been getting emailed twice a day by them being told my identity verification failed, every single time. Every time I email them or go on the bell chat they tell me that my verification is still pending, but then why do I keep getting emails that my verification failed? Been waiting over a month to get verified. This is ridiculous


  3. BinanceCSHelp on 15. December 2023 at 23:23

    Hey there. Please, let us investigate this issue for you to understand what is going on.
    Kindly open a private chat with our team at https://www.binance.com/en/chat, so we could assist you better.
    You can always check sources on our official page [https://www.binance.com/en/official-verification](https://www.binance.com/en/official-verification) and we do not recommend you to trust unverified resources.