Lately the security for Binance is ofcourse highlighted much. One of the services users can use is the SMS authentication for security changes and withdrawals. But is the SMS service really Safu?


QLC Chain is launching the Blockchain Based Antifraud message tracker platform on the World Telecommunication Day (may 17th). The event has invited leading enterprises, financial institutions and communication service providers in Greater China. [The platform](, which is fueled by [Q-Gas](, is available for commercial usage immediately after the live demonstration. QLC Chain is one of the earliest Blockchain projects that have tangible adoptions across telcos and enterprises. Most importantly, this public interest value-add service brings crucial value to society, providing the tool to fight against telemarketing scams.


As verified project on Binance, Binance should also consider using this improved feature for SMS security if you ask me. Why not improve the tech if it can be improved for more security?



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  1. MartinCointastic on 16. June 2019 at 22:34

    Wow, that is an idea^^

    I mean, while QLC and Binance are anyways partnered already, and while QLC is gold labeled by Binance, it would only make sense to use the benefits of the partners.


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