First of all thank you for adding a trading client for us Macintosh users. It was very difficult to trade with a browser when prices were volatile.

Now on the Mac OS Client I don’t have any random freezes when prices are volatile. But there are major annoying issues with refreshing.

1) Is there a reason why we have to refresh our open orders list in order to see our orders? It’s quite annoying to always have to refresh when it does not automatically appear. I notice this is a common issue with the browser as well. Other exchanges have open orders instantly appear once placed.

2) I have to switch to my “Funds” tab constantly to refresh my Balance. This, combined with 1) makes it a pain to cancel and re-adjust my orders.

3) Graph and numbers don’t refresh automatically. This rarely happens and can easily be fixed my restarting the client.

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  1. dirtydoughnut on 29. May 2018 at 13:46

    yep same issue, gotten used to it