What’s the KYC APR currently? What’s the max and minimum coins you need? And do you have to lock up the coins to get the dividends?

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  1. LogrisTheBard on 20. August 2019 at 0:33

    APR varies daily with exchange volume. Min is 6 KCS. There is no max. Coins don’t need to (and can’t currently) be locked but they do need to be on the exchange.

    I currently model 1000 KCS as giving about $.20 a day which is ~4-5% APR. However, volume across the entire ecosystem changes dramatically from day to day. So adjust your estimate based on how conservative an investor you are. For reference lending DAI on Compound currently gives about 10% APR but without the exposure to a crypto asset that rises and falls with the market. Do with that what you will, the market makes no promises.