After waiting for 1 month and a half Kucoin support hasnt provided any answer on when i will get my HNT coins back… my support ticket is 1608. They say they suspended deposits and withdrawals but the explorer shows that they move the coins to their main wallet and the havent creditted my coins still after more than a month.Any help or advice on what to do?

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  1. CuriousUniversity669 on 3. May 2022 at 12:59

    I’m sorry bro. I’m waiting for a withdrawal (COTI) for 2 months, and nothing has arrived at my destination yet. The problem was caused by a platform malfunction, poor wallet management. The transaction is completed but the TxHash is non-existent on the blockchain. From the support they keep telling me that it takes time to fix the problem and that I have to be patient. However, I did not understand one thing: if they fail to solve the problem, will I get my funds back or not? I asked support but they don’t answer the question, they say it takes time to fix the problem. Now I try to ask the question here to the moderators, can you answer it? Is compensation included in Kucoin’s policies? Ticket: 1564978